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Going viral on the wrong site, and hillbilly refinement

It’s always nice to see a video of yours go viral, or even pre-viral for that matter. When you’re used to your videos seeing hits in the hundreds, or sometimes low thousands, and you wake up one morning to find out that a silly video you made about a goat giving birth brought in over 650,000 views, it’s a good feeling. Heck, breaking the 10,000 views mark makes my week.

So recently I created a little video about a high powered air cannon I built. The video is short, fun, and it amused me, so I assumed that it would get more views than my average boring crap. And it did, just on the wrong site.

A few months ago, I started using TubeMogul to seed some of my more universally-amusing videos to several online sites at once. So naturally, I loaded this little gem up and hit send. Just as I expected, the video got over 12,000 hits on it’s first full day out of the gate. But amusingly enough, only about 600 of these were on my “home site” of YouTube; the rest were from Stupid Videos.

What does this mean? What are the ramifications of it all? Am I on the wrong site? Why do I always leave my participles dangling? I think the bottom line is that any views, anywhere, is a good thing. Sure, I would prefer to see more hits on the more popular sites, but you know, I can always submit them as responses to Fred videos if I’m truly that desperate.

And on a lighter note, as I was writing this post, I had a moment of feeling like a refined human being as I poured my bottled spring water into a cup and sipped it down like the celebrities do, all while going over my writing, chuckling at my little jokes and amusing anecdotes. Shortly thereafter, I realized that my bottled spring water was actually the cheapest bottled water you can get at Wal-Mart, and my cup was a paper McDonald’s cup I had reused because it was handy.

So I’m not all that refined. Unless I’m a hillbilly, in which case I’m the creme-de la-crem.


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I’m not supposed to be here (and I suck at blogging)

As a Guest Service Manager 95% of the work I do involves people, either people who work under me or people we serve. And since people like their privacy, I make it a point not to discuss “work” on blogs or YouTube. But it’s Saturday, on Labor Day weekend, and I’m working today because one of my underlings called in sick, thus I’m here writing this blog. To make matters worse I started the last two sentences with conjunctions, and the second one teeters into run-on land. Would an English teacher please come on here and punch me in the face?

Nore of this REALLY matters, though, because I suck at blogging. I mean I suck bad. So bad that Hoover considered sponsoring my blog, but pulled out after someone pointed out that my sucking makes theirs pale in comparison. Seriously, even an insanely busy guy like Nalts finds time to update his blog several times a week, and here’s my second one in what, two weeks? Geez!

Okay, it’s decided – I’m wrapping this blog up and posting a second one right now. Take that, stoopid english Teechers.

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Two years on ‘da Tube

It was two years and two days ago when I joined YouTube. It was actually a freak accident. I didn’t know YouTube existed until four nights before I signed up. That fateful evening, I hosted a benefit show I helped put together for the disabled and elderly, and I was able to bring in my extremely talented friends, 88improv as the main entertainment. (By the way, check them out, and if you need top notch comedy improv, hire them. Tell them Jim sent you and they’ll give you the special…or at least they’ll thank me for sending them business!)

The Show was hilarious, and afterwards I took the whole crew to Applebee’s for a thank-you-for-driving-400-miles-to-do-us-this-huge-favor dinner. During the dinner, Nate and Tim told me about this cool site they’ve started uploading a few of their videos to, called YouTube. They said it was a place where you can promote your own stuff, and strangers will come and watch it.

Now, I’m just a little bit of an attention whore (no, really?), and so the idea of being able to make videos and get an audience online appealed to me. A lot. After taking the rest of the weekend to unwind from the event, I hopped on the site, and started poking around the site. I found my friends from 88improv, as well as a bunch of great talent. In a fit of insanity, I took the plunge and signed up.

Once I signed up, it was actually almost two weeks before I posted my first video, a vlog about employers using the Internet for background checks. In that time, I made a couple friends, and I got the lay of the land. And life has never been the same.

I have pils of thoughts, and questions that I want to bring up right now, but honestly I’m just too tired. Maybe tomorrow will bring more? Who knows.

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Video that won’t suck – a primer

Okay, if you post videos online, and if you’re anything like me, you want to put up videos that people actually watch. That can be a trick if your videos….well, there’s no easy way to put it…Well, if they suck.

Of course, making watchable videos won’t guarantee you more hits. Heck, some of the best content creators I know only have a handful of subscribers. On the flip side however, I can’t think of one super-popular YouTuber that produces sub-par videos. So if you hope to be web-famous someday, then today is the day to stop sucking at your videos.

Below are a few quick tips for you to contemplate while making your next videos. These aren’t canonized gospel by any means, but they might keep you from looking completely insane:

1 – Kill Windows Movie Maker! Let me just say this one thing: Windows movie maker sucks! Don’t get me wrong, if it’s all you’ve got, it’s better than nothing, but I would argue only marginally so.

Most of WMM is tolerable, but by far, the biggest giveaway that you’re using moviemaker and that your videos suck are the horrid effects on that ridiculous blue background. Really, I think Microsoft got the idea for their text fields from their operating software’s most popular feature.

If you have to use Movie Maker, at least have the common decency to replace the blue with black so it’s not so obvious what you’re doing, but again, if you can escape Movie Maker, do it, especially considering that there are better free editing programs out there.

2 – What’s your point? I see a lot of videos on YouTube that are, well, pointless. And don’t think I can’t point the finger without taking some blame. I’ve done it myself.

Even so, every video should have a point, and extra credit if your viewers can figure out what that point is. Is your point that you have a super cool way to get rid of old eggs, that’s cool. Maybe your point is to showcase your warped family. But have a point. If you want to get really detailed, a plot, complete with beginning, middle, and end, is the ultimate deal. Your video is a conversation, and nobody likes the guy who walks up and starts talking to you about a subject you know nothing about, leaving you completely lost.

3 – Be yourself. If you’re trying to make online videos and get popular, you ned to be who you are. I’m not saying make your videos non-fiction. Some of us are character actors, and making up characters is who we are. But don’t try to be something you’re not. It’s just too obvious.

I’ll be posting more later on about video that won’t suck, but hopefully these three points will help you stop sucking just a little, and the world will be a better place.

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A little hello and a video

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web. Now, watch this video and think about whether or not you really want to be around next time I return…

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