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Two years on ‘da Tube

It was two years and two days ago when I joined YouTube. It was actually a freak accident. I didn’t know YouTube existed until four nights before I signed up. That fateful evening, I hosted a benefit show I helped put together for the disabled and elderly, and I was able to bring in my extremely talented friends, 88improv as the main entertainment. (By the way, check them out, and if you need top notch comedy improv, hire them. Tell them Jim sent you and they’ll give you the special…or at least they’ll thank me for sending them business!)

The Show was hilarious, and afterwards I took the whole crew to Applebee’s for a thank-you-for-driving-400-miles-to-do-us-this-huge-favor dinner. During the dinner, Nate and Tim told me about this cool site they’ve started uploading a few of their videos to, called YouTube. They said it was a place where you can promote your own stuff, and strangers will come and watch it.

Now, I’m just a little bit of an attention whore (no, really?), and so the idea of being able to make videos and get an audience online appealed to me. A lot. After taking the rest of the weekend to unwind from the event, I hopped on the site, and started poking around the site. I found my friends from 88improv, as well as a bunch of great talent. In a fit of insanity, I took the plunge and signed up.

Once I signed up, it was actually almost two weeks before I posted my first video, a vlog about employers using the Internet for background checks. In that time, I made a couple friends, and I got the lay of the land. And life has never been the same.

I have pils of thoughts, and questions that I want to bring up right now, but honestly I’m just too tired. Maybe tomorrow will bring more? Who knows.


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