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Going viral on the wrong site, and hillbilly refinement

It’s always nice to see a video of yours go viral, or even pre-viral for that matter. When you’re used to your videos seeing hits in the hundreds, or sometimes low thousands, and you wake up one morning to find out that a silly video you made about a goat giving birth brought in over 650,000 views, it’s a good feeling. Heck, breaking the 10,000 views mark makes my week.

So recently I created a little video about a high powered air cannon I built. The video is short, fun, and it amused me, so I assumed that it would get more views than my average boring crap. And it did, just on the wrong site.

A few months ago, I started using TubeMogul to seed some of my more universally-amusing videos to several online sites at once. So naturally, I loaded this little gem up and hit send. Just as I expected, the video got over 12,000 hits on it’s first full day out of the gate. But amusingly enough, only about 600 of these were on my “home site” of YouTube; the rest were from Stupid Videos.

What does this mean? What are the ramifications of it all? Am I on the wrong site? Why do I always leave my participles dangling? I think the bottom line is that any views, anywhere, is a good thing. Sure, I would prefer to see more hits on the more popular sites, but you know, I can always submit them as responses to Fred videos if I’m truly that desperate.

And on a lighter note, as I was writing this post, I had a moment of feeling like a refined human being as I poured my bottled spring water into a cup and sipped it down like the celebrities do, all while going over my writing, chuckling at my little jokes and amusing anecdotes. Shortly thereafter, I realized that my bottled spring water was actually the cheapest bottled water you can get at Wal-Mart, and my cup was a paper McDonald’s cup I had reused because it was handy.

So I’m not all that refined. Unless I’m a hillbilly, in which case I’m the creme-de la-crem.


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