Ramblings of a Nutbar

You’ll probably regret this.

I’m not supposed to be here (and I suck at blogging)

As a Guest Service Manager 95% of the work I do involves people, either people who work under me or people we serve. And since people like their privacy, I make it a point not to discuss “work” on blogs or YouTube. But it’s Saturday, on Labor Day weekend, and I’m working today because one of my underlings called in sick, thus I’m here writing this blog. To make matters worse I started the last two sentences with conjunctions, and the second one teeters into run-on land. Would an English teacher please come on here and punch me in the face?

Nore of this REALLY matters, though, because I suck at blogging. I mean I suck bad. So bad that Hoover considered sponsoring my blog, but pulled out after someone pointed out that my sucking makes theirs pale in comparison. Seriously, even an insanely busy guy like Nalts finds time to update his blog several times a week, and here’s my second one in what, two weeks? Geez!

Okay, it’s decided – I’m wrapping this blog up and posting a second one right now. Take that, stoopid english Teechers.


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