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Gmail themes: Coming to a gmail account near you

The talk of the day is that Gmail has sneakingly started introducing themes into a select few Gmail user’s account settings tab. Apparently this new feature, discussed on the Gmail blog, will allow you to replace the functional but somewhat drab interface with one of your choosing that could be a little more colorful.

super awesome wicked cool slick themes - maybe?

super awesome wicked cool slick themes - maybe?

Now, this sounds like a neat idea, and obviously SOMEONE has spent some time on the theme image, seen to the left, which includes such amusing themes as “bubblegum”, “beach”, and my favorite “ninja”. (Who can’t use a little more Ninja in their life?)

My only concern is that in making all the pretty faces for Gmail, that this will start taking time away from the thing that makes Gmail so great: it’s powerful features.


Don’t get me wrong, I love customizing a service. Just check out my YouTube or Twitter Pages to see that (and subscribe while you’re at it!). I just have this small concern that in the pursuit of pretty colors, are we going to see less innovation on the software end?


Of course, I’m probably rambling on here, but if you haven’t noticed the blog title, that’s what I do.


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