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A feel-goodsey sorta post

Okay, not much to talk about today (actually, I have a couple big topics I want to talk about, but I’m also wanting to make a YouTube video abut them, so I’ve got to wait), so today I thought I would talk about a feel-goodsey video that’s been viral for some time: Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Those of you long-time Tubers will know that this is the second (technically the third-the second was an unsponsored “prequel”) video in this series, and the first one he published was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube when it came out in 2006. Personally, I wasn’t fond of the first two, but this third one warms the cockles of my heart. Here, just watch it:

So why do I think this video is so special? Easy. I’m a hopeless romantic. I like to imagine that somehow, some way, there’s the ability for everyone to get along, for all of us to put aside our prejudices and stereotypes, and just enjoy one another’s company. When I watch this video and see all the other dancers come out, this videos gives me a glimpse of that vision.

Here’s Matt Harding, who aside from having a sponsor is just an average guy, managing to get real people from all over the world to drop what they’re doing, and to join him in dancing badly on camera. Many of these people are the sort that you would never expect to do this, and yet, there they are, coming together. It makes you wonder what could happen if from time to time we let go and encouraged those around us to take a break and dance badly. Maybe the world would be a better place. Who knows?


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  1. Pretty cool! looks like a lot of fun – you need to get a sponsor seriously…I cant believe you had Tonga on there, I have a client from there. Makes me want to get up and dance – poorly of course :)You aught to be on the travel channel

    Comment by leafrog | November 20, 2008

  2. I think Matt’s official sponsor is Stride gum. If you watch his earlier videos, you’ll see Stride mentioned. The guy is pretty inspiring, I’ll say that.

    Comment by somecallmejim | November 20, 2008

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