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You’ll probably regret this.

One thing from “Live” that I enjoyed.

This is hilarious, and at the same time a perfect description of YouTube. Go figure.


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bnessel1973 is back on YouTube

Here’s a short reprieve from my ususal bloggery (do I even HAVE a “usual”???) to share something with you guys that excites ME. (After all, it’s all about me). bnessel1973 has announced that he’s returned to YouTube from a short hiatus he took for personal reasons, and in so doing, has brought with him the characters he’s known for.

Instead of blowing cash on some of the “talent” I saw at YouTube live, they should have had Brian come out and do something. Maybe even plug the Angel Cheeks Foundation.

I’m a BIG fan of real, decent folks on YouTube, and that’s why I would encourage you to pop by Brian’s channel and thank him for coming back.

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