Ramblings of a Nutbar

You’ll probably regret this.

After piles of mistakes, YouTube GOT IT RIGHT!

I am happy.

Verry Happy.

So happy that I’m dancing around and singing and generally making this recent video look mellow by comparison.

Why is this?

Because today I’ve noticed someting that YouTube has done that will make life for partners on YouTube so much easier.

It’s the custom thumbnail.


New Feature to upload a thumbnail. Rock on YouTube!

New Feature to upload a thumbnail. Rock on YouTube!

That’s right. It looks like from here on out that YouTube partners (I checked on one of my non-partner sock accounts, and it’s not there) can specify a custom thumbnail for their videos. 

The implications for this are enormous. No more working your butt off trying to get the perfect shot in the center frame (which YouTube recently fried anyway). No more hoping you don’t get three crappy thumbnails to pick from. From now on, partners can control their thumbnail.

You might find yourself saying “Okay. You can pick your thumbnail, big deal. What’s the hulabaloo all about?” It’s a commonly known fact that the thumbnail is a big part of what drives views to a video. It’s the very tiny window into your show, and sometmes it’s the only thing someone will see of yur video. If yu want to market your videos, the thumbnail is very important. And now, thanks to YouTube, partners can more effectively market their productions.

Thanks YouTube. I take back anything negative I’ve said lately. You rock, at least until I find something else to complain about.


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  1. One of these days, they’ll let me be a partner, and then I can dance with you.

    Maybe Nalts should put me in another video. Maybe that would give me the needed push.

    Comment by reubnick | December 9, 2008

  2. I like it. But it adds the additional step of me having to Photoshop a jpeg for my videos. More time burned up by YouTube. But I like it.

    Comment by marquisdejolie | December 9, 2008

  3. Great stuff man. I’m proud to call you a friend. Keep doing what you love!!

    Comment by Shayne | December 17, 2008

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