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You’ll probably regret this.

Hey, I’m not here anymore!

Okay, I’ll leave the blog up as it is so far, but I’ve moved!

Go to www.somecallmejim.com to see my new, regularly updated blog. Your very sould may be in danger if you don’t.

And sorry for forgettin to post that here, for anyone who has been wondering.

Now go and subscribe to my new rss feed there!


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Zune2K? Blown up zunes, anyone?

When I read this, I thought it was a hoax, but it’s serious as a heart attack.

At 2AM this morning (Apparently in each time zone) The 30GB version of Microsoft’s Zune, their iPod wannabe, simply stopped working. No, I’m not joking, and yes, this is real. Check it out – Microsoft’s official zune support page goes into great detail on it. Many of the zune support boards are being flooded with posts that their zune quit working.


And in a dark, unlit corner of Apple world headquarters, Steve Jobs lets out a long, sinister laugh.

My guess? Microsoft programmed the Zunes to go out of service when the world ends in in 2012, but a pogrammer accidentally wound back the software by 3 years.

Quick update: As of this moment, this is CNN.com’s number 1 story of the day.

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One thing from “Live” that I enjoyed.

This is hilarious, and at the same time a perfect description of YouTube. Go figure.

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bnessel1973 is back on YouTube

Here’s a short reprieve from my ususal bloggery (do I even HAVE a “usual”???) to share something with you guys that excites ME. (After all, it’s all about me). bnessel1973 has announced that he’s returned to YouTube from a short hiatus he took for personal reasons, and in so doing, has brought with him the characters he’s known for.

Instead of blowing cash on some of the “talent” I saw at YouTube live, they should have had Brian come out and do something. Maybe even plug the Angel Cheeks Foundation.

I’m a BIG fan of real, decent folks on YouTube, and that’s why I would encourage you to pop by Brian’s channel and thank him for coming back.

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From YouTube’s Department of redundancy department

There are a lot of things YouTube does that makes me wonder. I can’t say what I wonder since this is a family friendly blog, but I wonder them anyway because YouTube seems to live to baffle the mind.


How many times do I need to see the time?

How many times do I need to see the time?

It looks like in the last few hours, YouTube has started adding a time indicator to the corner of video thumbnails on the watch video page. In itself, this is a brilliant feature. In fact, I was originally going to call this post “YouTube finally got it right”.

But then I went and checked out the thumbnails in bulletins, and other places where you don’t see the description, and it’s not there. It would seem, at least at this point, that the only place YouTube is using this new feature is on the “More From” and “Related Videos” columns, where there’s already a line with the video length!

To play YouTube’s advocate for a second though, it is likely that they’re going to implement this in places where there’s not a video length field at some point.

I just think it would be smarter to implement this in those places first.

UPDATE (11/13/08): It looks like YouTube realized that this was a little redundant, and it’s no longer showing up on the thumbnails. Oh well, you saw it here first!

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